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Nai Nai Mie 'Hot Chicks' Noodle Kit

Nai Nai Mie 'Hot Chicks' Noodle Kit

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About Nai Nai Mie
Nai Nai Mie (St.Albert, AB) was inspired by Catherine's childhood summers, spent slurping her grandma's homemade noodles in her noodle shop in the city of Medan, Indonesia. All of her noodles are handcrafted with the same family recipe, passed down for three generations.

Product Details

Sometimes, you have to turn the heat up.

Every Hot Chicks noodle kit comes with:

  • Nai Nai Mie handcrafted noodles
  • Hot Chicks sauce and garlic oil
  • Broccoli and cauliflower florets
  • Our signature crunchies.

Nutritional info: