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Nai Nai Mie Chicks on Shrooms Party Pack

Nai Nai Mie Chicks on Shrooms Party Pack

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The only thing that might be better than eating fresh noodles, is sharing fresh noodles. These portions should be enough for four people – or one really hungry person (we don’t judge).

We’ve combined our delicious bouncy noodles, with a hearty and equally delicious mushroom chicken sauce – it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a hug in a bowl.

Every order of Chicks on Shrooms Party pack comes with

  • 4 portions of fresh Nai Nai Mie noodles made from scratch, delivered uncooked and frozen
  • Our delicious mushroom chicken sauce
  • Nai Nai Mie garlic oil
  • Hot pickled chillies for a little heat
  • Deep green bok choy veggies
  • Crunchy toppings to add texture and take the flavour to another level