What We Eat for Lunch: New Ideas & Healthy Tips

Planning meals for dinner seems like a breeze compared to deciding on healthy, quick options for lunch. While there's nothing wrong with a PB&J or a cheat meal from your favourite fast-food joint, you don't want to make that an everyday affair.

We asked the ladies at AlbertaGrocery.ca what their go-to lunches are and if they had any tips on deciding what to make that's quick, healthy, and tasty. Use this as inspiration when you're planning your next few lunches!

Dana, Operations Manager:

If I'm famished, I'll make a nice sandwich. Turkey and cheese is my go-to, simple and delicious, with some veggies to snack on to go with it. Oh, and a cup of coffee. Always a cup of coffee at lunch to set me up to have a productive afternoon!

Kale, Marketing Specialist:

I usually have a big hearty salad, not your typical "boring" salad. It's filling but also light and super healthy, so I feel good for the rest of the day. To make things easier during the week, I prep everything on Sunday or Monday so I can just grab and go during the week. If I don't have a salad ready to go, I usually do an egg sandwich for some quick and tasty protein! 

Mandy, Social Media Manager:

I'm all about the leftovers! My husband isn't home during the day anymore, so it's up to me to make sure the food doesn't go to waste. Sometimes I'll just heat and eat as-is, but I'll try to also think of creative ways to use them - like using leftover ham in a hash or leftover steak to make a wrap with!  

Sarah, Customer Service & Fulfillment:

I try to focus on a healthy protein so I'm not hangry the rest of the day! My favourite lunch go-to is probably grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. Kind of boring, but always good and always a healthy option!

What are your go-to lunches? For home or at the office! We'd love to be inspired by you - comment below or let us know on social media, @albertagrocery.ca!

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