Snacking from Home

We all know our brain and body need food to function, right? But when you're working from home, your days can kind of blend together, and when you thought it was just a couple of hours working on a project turns out to be half a's easy to forget to eat.

One way to help keep you nourished and alert - snacking!

Tips for snacking smart while working from home:

  • Try not to let your hunger get too drastic (if someone on your Zoom call can hear your stomach growling, you've let it go a tad too far). Grab a small snack to keep you going before lunch or dinner time!
  • Protein and healthy fats are your snacking friends! They keep you full and satisfied better than carbs - try some fruit with peanut butter or veggies with hummus.
  • This isn't necessarily a snack, but it's good advice nonetheless. Drink water! Drinking lots of water will help with cravings and hopefully keep you away from the chips.
  • Snack prep! When you find yourself with some free time on the weekend or after grocery shopping, do some prep! Cut up some veggies into snack-sizes, make a little extra dip, or boil a few eggs and throw them in the fridge. You're more likely to choose these healthy options if they're easy to grab, and you don't have to take time away from your work duties.
  • Finally, this kind of ties back to the first tip, don't be afraid to snack! Use it as a small break in your day, step away from your computer and stretch, grab a snack, and take a moment to yourself. As long as you're making healthier choices, snacking can be your friend.


What are your favourite foods to snack on? Have snacking tips of your own we didn't share? 

Let us know in the comments!

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