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Outside-Of-The-Box Burger Ideas


Planning on taking advantage of the spring weather for some Fathers' Day grilling? Switch up the patty, toppings, or bun to create your next BBQ masterpiece.

Beef Burgers... and Beyond

One of the most important parts of a great burger is the patty. Even beef lovers have options: steak burgers made with ribeye or sirloin are a delicious twist on this classic sandwich.

Whether you opt for tender ground beef, a veggie patty, or leaner meats, we’ve got you covered!

Classic Burgers

Start with: Pre-Pak Meat’s restaurant-quality Alberta beef burgers

Our fave prep tips:

Salmon Burgers

Start with: Atlantic salmon

Our fave prep tips:

Chicken Burgers

Start with: Chicken breast

Our fave prep tips:

Veggie Burgers

Start with: Veggie patties, or your favourite legumes and spices

Our fave prep tips:

Toppings Ideas

Early classic burger toppings, in addition to ketchup, mustard, and relish, as well as fried eggs and even chilli.

Here are a few of our favourite toppings ideas!

Spicy Burgers

One delicious option for summer burgers incorporates toppings like:

  • jalapeños

  • cheese, like habanero or cheddar

  • spicy mayo

  • caramelized onions

  • corn

  • guac

Pineapple Burgers

In addition to adding flavour to beef, chicken, pork, and some types of fish, pineapple tenderizes meat. Regardless of how you feel about pineapple on pizza, it’s a great addition to burgers.

In addition to a slice of grilled or caramel pineapple, tropical summer burgers can include toppings like:

Mediterranean Burgers

Over the last few decades, recipes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine have become popular for both their amazing flavour and health benefits.

For these burgers, you’ll want toppings like:

Think Outside of the Bun

Once you’ve got your burger and your toppings, it’s time to choose the bun! There’s definitely nothing wrong with sticking with the tried and true burger bun: we love Good Bread’s local, wholesome brioche buns.

But, here are some other ways to change it up!

  • you’ve probably heard of substituting veggies in place of the bun for a meatless option. But nutritious veggies are also a great BBQ option for anyone with wheat sensitivity or a low-carb eating plan! It’s easy to use grilled eggplant, plantain, or portabello mushrooms instead of buns for a delicious option.

  • using a pita pocket instead of a bun is a perfect fit if you opt for Mediterranean-style toppings 

Putting It All Together

Of course, the perfect BBQ doesn’t just end with the burger. Fries, salads, and an amazing dessert are just as important! Check out our online grocery for these essentials and more, and don’t forget to tag us in the photos of your creation!

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