helps keep Calgarians’ fridges stocked with the essentials helps keep Calgarians’ fridges stocked with the essentials

Five Calgary-based companies have come together to launch, which allows Calgarians to order staple groceries online. They are supporting Calgarians who are working from home, practicing social distancing, or would simply prefer their staple groceries to be delivered to their doors.

Local food distributors Birkby Food Service, Pre Pak Meats, and InspiredGo usually deliver food products to restaurants, shops, and office buildings but, due to temporary closures, there is additional supply.

“We’re seeing so many great initiatives to get food and supplies to Calgarians who are staying at home, and we wanted to do our part,” says Scott Birkby, Founder & CEO of Birkby Food Service. “It’s inspiring to see the whole community working together. We felt we could help out by making the products in our warehouse available for direct orders, so we created the website.” 

Through the website, Calgarians can order food essentials, such as meat, dairy, and produce. “We can’t offer the variety that a grocery store does,” says Scott, “but we can offer Calgarians a temporary way to get the essentials they need, like different cuts of meat, milk and cheese, and fresh fruit and vegetables.” To ensure groceries are available to as many people as possible on a weekly basis, there are maximum limits for each product.

The collective is starting with one delivery day a week with plans to rapidly scale up to several days a week. On March 27th, the collective made their first deliveries to homes in the Calgary region. 

Calgary Grocery is also open to working with other businesses or distributors who want to continue to serve the community, but don’t have the means to transport the items themselves. Reach out by emailing


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