ButterBlock & Co. Re-Opens Their Doors with CalgaryGrocery.ca

ButterBlock & Co steps back into kitchen after partnering with home grocery initiative.

Before COVID-19 placed restrictions around dine-in services, ButterBlock & Co supplied the Beltline and cafes around the city with their freshly baked goods.

But once restrictions, social distancing, and quarantines were put in place it didn’t take long for ButterBlock & Co owner, Karen Kong, to see the effects. “Since COVID-19, most of the cafes who we supply to have closed their doors,” says Karen. “It’s cut off the outlets for us to share our goods.

ButterBlock & Co.’s client-favourite butter croissant is made with 81 intricate layers of butter and dough.

ButterBlock & Co. is located inside The Devenish, an old Heritage building on 17th Avenue SW. Around 95% of their neighbours in the building were ordered to close for public safety and lock their doors to keep the building safe. Karen and her team of five attempted to conduct their own deliveries and curbside pickup, but with the entrances closed it couldn’t be done and they, too, had to shut their doors.

Freshly baked almond croissants and cookies on oven racks

Not long after closing shop, Karen heard about CalgaryGrocery.ca. “Teaming up with CalgaryGrocery.ca allowed us to step back into the kitchen, cover our labour cost, focus on baking, and introduce new customers to ButterBlock,” Karen reports. “We are now offering frozen croissants for customers to bake fresh whenever they want! We’re also offering Calgary Grocery customers fresh cookies and assorted pastries. We cannot wait to share our baked goods with Calgarians!”

Looks for ButterBlocks delicious products in our bakery section

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