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Back to School Lunch Tips


There's a lot of uncertainty with back to school this year. Things may be looking a bit different from what you were expecting or how it looked last year. One part of the back to school process you can have some sense of control over - lunches.

Whether you're choosing to send your kids back to the classroom or you're opting for online learning, we've compiled ten tips to save time and keep your family healthy this September.

Tip #1:

Make packing lunches a smooth process by washing & chopping your fruit and vegetables into school-sized snacks right away. Then, you can throw a handful into a Ziploc bag or a bowl without the prep work!

Tip #2:

Organize your lunch supplies into a designated spot in the kitchen for easy access! Lunch bags, containers, Ziploc bags, reusable cutlery...if it's all in one place, you won't be searching all the cupboards every day.  

Tip #3:

Utilize leftovers! Instead of putting leftovers away in one big container, put it in the fridge in lunch-sized portions. This way, you can grab one and toss it in a lunch bag, or your kids learning at home can throw one in the microwave without having to portion it out!

Tip #4:

Keep your pantry stocked, so you always have kid-friendly, healthy lunch and snack items on hand. What those items are will look different for each family, which leads perfectly into the next tip...

Tip #5:

Involve your kids! Ask them to help you come up with a weekly lunch plan. Use Canada's Food Guide and have them pick a few items from each food group. If they help "create the menu," they'll be more inclined to eat it!

Tip #6:

Then have them lend a hand with making their own lunch! Depending on age, they can make sandwiches or place snacks into bags. It's also an excellent opportunity to teach them some things in the kitchen!

Tip #7:

Need to keep everything cool? Freeze a juice box or reusable water bottle to keep everything cold in your kid's lunch bag. It'll defrost by lunchtime so they can drink it with their food.

Tip #8:

Don't skip out on the carbs! Carbohydrates in lunches will give your kids slow-release energy and brain-food to get them through the day.

Tip #9:

Don't be afraid to feed them the same thing. As long as it's balanced, it'll save yourself some stress, and they will be full and happy!

Tip #10:

Remember, nutrition is more than just one meal. Don't stress when things go uneaten, or you notice the cookie is gone but the carrot sticks are still there. They'll get the things they need over several meals and snacks throughout the day.


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